This is a perfect example of Rand Paul’s value to the Liberty movement. He was speaking to a room full of traditional conservatives, Neocons, and establishment Republicans. Instead of insulting them for their beliefs and ignorance, he respectfully met them where they were and opened their eyes to a different perspective. He found areas of agreement and built on them.

Rand Paul may not be a carbon copy of his Dad in terms of individual policies, but we all know where he learned these bridge-building skills.

Listening to Rand Paul By R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., founder and editor in chief of The American Spectator

A couple of months back in our nation’s capital Senator Rand Paul spoke at The American Spectator’s annual Robert L. Bartley dinner and wowed the crowd. However, at the end of his rousing speech, he assumed a more somber tone as he spoke about the plight of America’s poor, particularly the poor who commit petty crime…Our American prison system turns out to be a place with little to offer, save for an advanced degree in criminality. …

Senator Paul’s point was that something should be done about criminalizing petty crime and handing down onerous sentences when other forms of punishment are available. … Today’s incarceration rate costs American society hundreds of millions of dollars in lost income. It dooms the petty criminal to a life of increasingly serious crime. Finally, it costs the American government billions of dollars in prison upkeep that could be spent in other ways — or not spent at all.

The Spectator crowd, a patriotic band that is tough on crime, was subdued upon hearing Senator Paul. Many had not thought about the costs, the lost lives and the alternative ways of dealing with petty crime.