Rand Paul Beats Jeb, Christie, Kasich And Fiorina In Des Moines Register Poll

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says that in the most recent Des Moines Register poll, he leads Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina, so he sees no reason why his campaign should be reduced to second tier.

“At this late stage, we just can’t accept any sort of false designation,” Paul told host Stephen K. Bannon on Breitbart News daily. When asked about the GOP debate tomorrow night, which is he boycotting, Paul notes: “we beat Bush, we beat Kasich, I think we beat Christie we beat Fiorina,” he said.

Paul has a point. From the Des Moines Register, after re-capping the front runners:

Everyone else is in single digits: Rand Paul at 5 percent; Jeb Bush, 4 percent; Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee, tied with 3 percent; John Kasich and Carly Fiorina, tied at 2 percent; and Rick Santorum with 1 percent.

Asked about last night’s State of the Union address, Sen. Paul said, “I’m really not sure I heard any new solutions last night. I heard sort of the same old stuff.” Paul then went on to discuss his five-year push for auditing the Federal Reserve, pointing out he did just secure a majority vote in favor of that in the Senate.

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