In Rock Hill, Rand Paul is ‘talking to people who have been ignored’
Rock Hill event for Ky. senator draws people who are not average Republican voters
“There are people here I’ve never seen before,” says local congressman


When U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney of Indian Land [SC] gave Paul his endorsement on Wednesday, he noted that Paul speaks to people whom other campaigns have ignored.

“There are people here I’ve never seen before,” Mulvaney said. “They may not even know they were Republicans.”
When he looked for a candidate he could support for president, Mulvaney said he wanted someone who could do that kind of outreach on behalf of the GOP to non-traditional Republican voters.

“You want someone who can explain things,” he said.

In his own remarks, Paul emphasized that he’s spoken at historically black colleges and addressed the Urban League, emphasizing criminal justice reform as a way to reach minority voters. He’s also spoken to students at the liberal bastion of the University of California at Berkeley.

“And I said the same thing at Liberty University as I did at Cal Berkeley,” he said. “That you have a right to be left alone.”

That messages resonates with [Kenneth] Derrick, who also identifies as an independent. His main concern is overreach by the federal government, especially in the form of the massive digital surveillance program launched by the National Security Agency, which Paul has opposed in the Senate.

“I can’t stand the NSA,” Derrick said. “As president, Rand Paul would put a stop to that.”
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