I watched this Town Hall event online last night instead of sleeping. It’s what I do nowadays. I spend 4-6 hours a day working on HillBuzz, about 11 hours a day on my real job, and about 3 hours a day volunteering for Ron Paul’s campaign. So sleep has become optional.

Anyway, I watched this Ron Paul Town Hall meeting on C-SPAN last night, and was excited to witness someone going through the same process I went through when I first started realizing that things just weren’t adding up for me anymore.

In this video, you witness a citizen discovering that his Congressman has lied to him about the NDAA. He was so angry that he provided his Congressman’s letter to his local paper (see the link below to watch the video and download his Congressman’s response.)

Although it was the last question of the night during a Monday night campaign stop at the Executive Court in Manchester, it was the one Ron Paul took the most time to explain – what is the National Defense Authorization Act and what should people understand about changes made for 2012.

The question came from Alex LaRoza of Bedford, a homeschooled high school student who asked Paul for his take on the controversial military spending bill. […]

See the video to find out Paul’s answer, and what got Keith Myrdek of Manchester so upset with his Republican Congressman [Frank Guinta], after hearing Paul’s answer….Myrdek says he now believes Guinta misled him about the substance of the NDAA.

VIDEO: Ron Paul on NDAA: ‘Biggest Story’ Nobody’s Talking About

I’m always excited to watch the light bulb come on for someone. That’s why I really enjoy teaching people about media bias and how the Cocktail Party GOP works.

Check it out.

You can watch the whole event here: Ron Paul Town Hall meeting on C-SPAN

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