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My name is Kathleen Gee, and I was a member of the DP (under two different screen names) starting in 2007 until its demise. I was also among the group of die-hard Liberty lovers who migrated to in 2015.

Welcome to my new website (or should I say “lifeboat”)? My goal is to collect all my best writings from the DP and PL, along with a few other sites, and to keep writing political commentary throughout the 2016 election. (As you can see, this place is still very much under construction!) In the mean time, I have also set up the Popular Liberty and the Daily Paul Page on Facebook so we can keep in touch with each other.

Michael Nystrom’s announcement that he was shuttering PopularLiberty came at a horrible time in my life…I was struggling with a business catastrophe at the same time that a family issue was blowing up–and all of this at Christmas time. I scrambled to save my own DP and PL writings, but there was so much more content I wanted to save. And I just didn’t have time to do it myself, nor money to pay anyone else. (Huge thanks to PL user Ecard71 who copied and pasted several pages of my articles for me!)

On one of the last days that PL was open for business, I noticed a suggestion from someone whose name I don’t remember, but who deserves a huge thank-you for inspiring this project. The suggestion was to submit content you wanted to keep to the Internet Archive, A.K.A. the Wayback Machine. That way, it would be kept forever for anyone to read.

You can learn more about the Wayback Machine here:

I checked the Wayback Machine, and out of the 250,000+ article URLs in the Daily Paul, only about 5,000 had been crawled and saved. Fewer than that had been saved from Popular Liberty. I added a few manually and realized there was no possible way I could complete the task before the sites went dark. (At the time, many of us were afraid that Michael was going to delete both sites from the Internet at the beginning of the new year.)

The Wayback Project Is Born

I suddenly realized that I had a mission. Instead of buying a Christmas present for my husband (the most wonderful and understanding husband on the planet), I hired a coder to write a script that added every individual post from to the Wayback Machine. Once we had successfully achieved that milestone, I hired another programmer (the first one was unavailable) to do  the same for Popular Liberty. This project consumed every spare moment I had during the final 10 days of 2015, and it took up all of the money I had available for Christmas.

Phase 1: Save the Posts

I’m very proud to announce that now, every article on both sites (over 250,000 individual URLs) is permanently stored in the Internet Archive.

You can get the entire list of 14,195 archived Popular Liberty articles here.

You can get the entire list of 235,976 articles from the Daily Paul archive here.

(Note that this is a huge list and could take forever to load in your browser). Here’s a screen capture from the Wayback Machine showing the list of DP URLs for those of you who don’t want to wait for it:

Daily Paul pages added to the Wayback Machine between December 25, 2015 and January 3, 2016

Nearly 230,000 Daily Paul discussions were added to the Wayback Machine between December 25, 2015 and January 1, 2016

If the sites disappear tomorrow, it doesn’t matter–as long as the Internet Archive is functional, the writings will be available for posterity, to document the rise of the Ron Paul R3VOLution and its continuation with Rand Paul’s campaign.

Phase 2: Save the Users

The scripts I had written grabbed only the “topics” (individual posts or articles) from the archives of Popular Liberty and the Daily Paul. We will have to write new scripts to grab user profiles or individual comments. Accessing the Daily Paul archive via your user profile allows you to quickly scan through all of your site activity in one place. Here’s an example: my User page on the Daily Paul. This project is very doable with some time and some money.

The script for Popular Liberty is a tougher nut to crack because of the way the archive is organized. If you don’t already know the URL of your user page, it may not be discoverable because Michael has turned off the internal links to user profiles in the archive. I don’t know if this project is even possible. I may have to retain a programmer to do a lot of research before I can even get a bid.

Status Report

I didn’t do this for money and I don’t expect to gain anything beyond my own ability to access content I came to love and rely on. However, I didn’t have the time or the money to do Phase 1 and it was a real hardship to accomplish this task in so little time during the holidays. I literally worked on this every day between December 22 and January 1st, including Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. And I spent money I didn’t really have to do it. But I did it anyway because of the importance of the information shared on DP & PL to the Liberty Movement.

How you can help

If you are reading this, and are happy to find that your content has a forever home, I would be greatly touched if you would help defray my cost of hiring the programmers and taking time off work to manage the project so far. Even if it’s just a penny a page for your content.

If having guaranteed, forever access to all content on the Daily Paul and Popular Liberty is something you value, please use the button below to help defray my costs. Even $5.00 will help. That’s 1¢ each for archiving 500 URLs. (Or, if you win the Powerball this week, feel free to gift the whole amount!)

At just a penny an article, you can underwrite the cost of…

Moving Forward: Time is of the Essence

I have no idea how long and will be available online. There was some thought that they wouldn’t even last this long. If we’re going to continue with Phase 2 of the project, we need to do it ASAP. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or the money to devote to this at present.

If there is a groundswell of support for continuing the project and adding as much DP and PL content to the Internet Archive as possible, I will be happy to move forward, but only with contributions from the DP/PL family. I’ve extremely shortchanged my own family up to now and I won’t do that to them again.

Let’s talk about this on and in the Facebook group. I have no idea if anyone even thinks it’s important to get ALL of the DP and PL content into the Wayback  Machine.

Whether you choose to “tip me” for my work up to now or not, thank you for being part of my 8-year journey to Liberty. I treasured the DP and PL and I still my daily visits with my “Liberty Family” desperately.

And if you do chip in a few bucks, thank you, on behalf of me, my family and the most supportive husband ever. 🙂 

In Liberty,

Kathleen Gee

Kathleen Gee